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4-> x 10"/LP = 170NOK (Norgespakke)/€18

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1-2 x 7" singles/CD = 40NOK/€4
3-> x 7" singles/CD = 74NOK/€8
1-3 x 10"/LP = 115NOK/€12
4-> x 10"/LP = 170NOK (Norgespakke)/€18

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V/A - JA, VI ELSKER ... ? €6,5 / 60NOK

Re-release of 1984 classic comp. feat. Siste Dagers Helvete, Bannlyst, Akutt Innleggelse, Wannskrækk, Trash City Rockers etc.
The cassette contains 9 bands and 27 songs from all over the country. Both Siste Dagers Helvete and Bannlyst are classic HC from the early eighties. The live recordings of Wannskrækk from Bergen in early 1984 does not sound particularly good, but some of the songs have never been released (
Downloads + more info here

V/A - OSLO WE ROT - €7,7 / 70NOK

Features four death metal bands from Oslo, Norway. Split re-release by Norwegian labels Unborn Productions and Snake Oil Kassettforlag (march, 2017) (

Limited to 50 pro-tape copies. Execration, Obliteration, Lobotomized and Diskord.

Listen here


The cleverly titled Into The Morbid Bunker features two killer underground bands from the lands of pasta, mafia and Mussolini - the Old School DM trio, Morbo from Rome and Black Thrash fiends Bunker 66 from Messina, Sicily. Considering the whole of the two tracks offered by each band, Into The Morbid Bunker is like a bunker bomb slamming into a Naples sewer system – devastating power coalesced with mind-numbing filth. (...)

Very cool Death n’ Speed combo here, a quick temperature check on the underground Italian scene. Morbo’s early dirty Death Metal proclivities pairs nicely with Bunker 66’s Black Thrash. The two were meant to be dropped clenched together from bombers on unsuspecting ears. (

Listen to Bunker 66s side here:


The Devil's Rejects hails from Norway and was formed in 2015. Their style of music is a brutal mixture of old school metal, blending together thrash metal, blac...k metal, doom metal, heavy metal and rock 'n roll to pure fury of all senses. With all their lyrics based on horror and exploitation movies, the band has simply called their genre for horror metal. The Devil's Rejects has just finished the demo called "The Blood Feast Demo Tape" and will soon get in the studio to record their debut album "Blood Feast". Be aware! This is music that will make your skin crawl! (


Dutch derangers ENTRAPMENT delivers probably the band's most diverse third album to date with "Through Realms Unseen"!
With that recognizable ENTRAPMENT stamp still very much prominent throughout "Through Realms Unseen", Michel Jonker and his morbid crew draw fresh blood off an assortment of Death n' Roll elements but never losing grip on the foreboding sound that ENTRAPMENT have always been known for. Once again darkness engulfs and their brand of rotten Death Metal will remain an imposing force amongst the peers.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by JB Van Der Wal (ex-Aborted, ex-Leaves Eyes, ex-Atrocity, etc) and the majestically grotesque album artwork by renowned illustration-extraordinaire Marald Van Haasteren (Bolt Thrower, High On Fire, Wolfbrigade, etc). (



Girl Army - Trash, powerviolence, noizerock, hxc, punkrock, deathmetal, avant garde (

Listen/download here


Norwegian ‘oil-punk’ here from The Good The Bad and The Zugly, surely one of the zugliest names I’ve seen in a while. Hadeland Hardcore is their second album, and it brings thirteen tracks of blast to your ears in just half an hour: quick and dirty, the way this stuff is meant to be. LP on Fysisk Format. (

Feat. Ivar from Silver on vox. 


I'd been looking forward to this fucker for a while now, and it I'm happy to say that it was worth it. Rising up once again from the depths of Norway, ambling like a warp-spasming demon through the debris left from the wake of their 2005 7 inch "Piercing Through", Grotesque Hysterectomy are back to cause severe trauma to the upper torso via their septic brand of filth-ridden Death Metal.

Each separate element of the music on offer here stinks of the insalubrious, with the guitar tone sounding like it's been dredged from Satan's own U-bend, the drums and basslines threatening to rattle teeth loose, and Disfigured Chest's vocal work belching as much bile filled sickness per second as ever. All these elements combine sickeningly for a thoroughly enjoyable (if not criminally short) Death Metal album, reminding of the likes of classic Morbid Angel (especially in the title track), Immolation ("Obeyer" and "Exhibitionist" in particular) and just about every other Death Metal band of worth in between. Sure, that obviously means that this isn't original (just how can someone make any metal genre original nowadays anyhow?), but with that said it still manages to crush with the power of a sledgehammer to the face, track after each fetid track. As a side note, whereas their last 7 inch came with a sick bag, the band have decided to go one better this time on the gimmick front. The first hundred copies come with a 'Hysterectomy Pack' featuring a step by step hysterectomy guide, surgical mask, glove and scalpel - essential for the Jack the Rippers among us I'm sure you'll agree(!).

Gimmicks aside, Grotesque Hysterectomy have a great old school vibe about them. All being well, with the undeniable relish that these guys put into their Death Metal, "Reek" should see them deservedly pushed into the Death Metal limelight. (

HYSJ - PYLON - €5,5 / 50NOK

With their roots in Oslo’s hardcore scene, Hysj finds their place in the intersection of beat based electronic music, noise, and hip-hop. Inspired by hedonism, cold nordic winters, and urban decay, the duo form a pressing atmosphere, with driving and danceable instrumentals hitting the listeners where it hurts. Reference points include Crystal Castles, Death Grips, Atari Teenage Riot, Big Black, a...nd the productions of El-P. With a no-compromise dedication to DIY principles, the band have constructed their sound from the bottom up, with full creative control over the entire production process. Evolving from their humble beginnings as an angry electro punk band, Hysj has now fully embraced the hypnotic rhythms of EDM and expressive wordplay of hip-hop, to make their sound more immediate and accessible. In concert, the band expand the violent and energetic sound to create an intense live experience. They take great care in their onstage representation, where the visual and the auditory equally demand your attention.

“Det smakar Atari Teenage Riot, betongcravings, industriell livskraft och urban ångest.”
- FemmeBrutal

"Det er friskt! Hysj er ei skuddsalve inn i anarkohusenes retningsløse core-gjørme. Så visst, tre akkorder og de tre instrumentene gitar, bass & trommer i lag med et godt budskap slår sjelden feil, men når budskapet pakkes inn i noe så umiskjennelig unikt som Hysj, slår det enda hardere."
- Furore i Harare


Simply gaining in experience with each release, Norwegian black/thrashers Infant Death have gained a formidable reputation following their previous releases and continues to showcase their frenzied and schizophrenic sound to the fullest old-school appeal. Following a split release earlier in the year and with a two-year gap between releases, the power-trio prepares it’s third full-length effort September 23, 2016 on Apocalyptic Empire Records.

As has been the bands’ style, this here is a series of ravenous, tightly-wound speed metal throughout the album which pretty much carries this one along without much deviation at all and really makes for quite the impressive attack. The charging, blistering speed and utterly relentless tempos here generated by the frantic, raving riffing makes for the tightly-wound rhythms that are characterized by their speed metal leanings while also managing to incorporate the styles template for raging, chaotic patterns that generally make for an out-of-control feeling. That inherent speed and tight, dense thrashing style is quite reckless in doling out it’s rhythms here which is an utterly enjoyable and dynamic charge that makes this one so enjoyable as there’s generally no let-up from the attack, and with the utterly furious patterns full of those frenzied arrangements on display that makes for an even tighter, more explosive offering as every track here is just utterly frantic and furious about doling out this style attack. Frankly, that does lead into the album’s one main minor flaw here in that it’s simply way too one-note with it’s approach as every track is generally a non-stop series of relentless insanity in the riffing generating a furious tempo throughout here which doesn’t change or deviate and it can lead to the album getting quite lost in itself rather easily. Because the tracks are generally indistinguishable from each other and they’re all pretty much the same length as well this one can become quite hard to tell where it’s at here and it can be a minor issue for some. However, this is barely a problem overall and isn’t too big of an issue with all the savage intensity on display.

Though this one is a pretty similar-sounding effort without much general difference between many of the tracks here, the album’s overall directness and savage approach makes this a far-more appealing and interesting effort as it goes along and generates plenty of interesting parts here for blackened thrash fans or speed metal aficionados. (



Obnoxious, noisy punk from the dungeons of H40, Oslo. Influenced by internal conflicts and not-so-good times. :) Anarchy and chick peas. (
My copies are in a pink cover!


'Dark Waters Stir' on one hand isn't a pivotal recording to black metal in that it's going to blow the speaker covers off your stereo with brand new or radical ideas. But on the other hand, this release does maintain what has been built up to that point and is most importantly still fresh with their own take on the genre due to engaging, moody and calculated song writing. (...) You can essentially count on Isvind for delivering within their own uncomplicated framework, concentrating on giving their instruments an aura from subtle shifting sensations, and doing it well enough to bring a listener back to their release either from a melody that gets stuck over and over in your head, or simply from music that is dark and somber as it is truly convincing. (




Hardcore band from Boston and Cambridge High School


Hardcore band from Boston and Cambridge High School

LYCKA TILL - S/T - €5,5 / 50NOK

Playing in a hardcore punk band and touring a lot is a good way to school yourself both musically and politically. That’s what Lycka Till has done across Europe and the U.S. during the early 2000’s in bands like Disconvenience, Auktion, The Rats and Kommunen. In 2009 they formed Lycka Till to bring something new to the punk scene – and to mix the personal with the political, the angry with the fun, “We wanted people to feel uplifted by our music and we wanted them to get angry like we were angry,” they say of themselves.

Since then they have released two albums and toured all over Europe and the U.S. Playing fast, melodic punk, driven my electric and acoustic guitars, bass, drums, and horns. Their lyrics focus on refugees, Swedish and international politics, Palestine, suicide, depression, leftist dogmatists and love. But mostly, as they say, they sing about struggle – the personal and the political struggle of everyday life.

“Amid the exhilarating chaos and drunkenness of hundreds of punk shows we have hopefully made some sort of difference.”


Dark, grimy slam death from members of Hematospermia, Necroexophilia, and Insidious Asphyxiation (

 Everything on this LP holds that paradox of being seemingly modest, with nothing too fancy or "show off", yet ends up being totally and inexplicably genius Music. Proud to be from the same planet as this release. Buy it.
Fucking GO!!! (



Black metal/crust punk band from Oslo, Norway influenced by Venom, Bathory, Black Sabbath, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, Mötorhead, Slayer, Kreator and Sodom. 


With special black&white artwork for the tape. Only 100 made.


1990 Vestkassett A/S original. F/o co w/family tree inside, see picture.

€4,5 / 40NOK

Pogo warriors of the apocalypse return. 

ACID RAIN is the second demo of PRIMITIVE PACT. They have also released a track on a four way split EP called V.A - STILL NO KING; together with ROTTEN UK, SEXFACE and SAVAGEHEADS. Primitive Pact plays charged, chorused uk82 influenced punk with delayed vocals. Members of Bög People.

European version released by Voices from Inside, 2015. (


 Mega awesome straight up Swedish sXe HC reminescent of the psychedelic parts of Dead Kennedys & the naked, raw aggression of Minor Threat. One copy left.

€4,5 / 40NOK

This one's for the geeks and cratediggerpunx out there. 

Rotten UK is still live and kicking. These are recordings from one of their latest show in the US. ROTTEN UK is a punk fetish cult with members from Blüdwülf. The demo contains songs from Bat Shit Crazy EP, STILL NO KING COMPILATION and a lot of new songs. This one is mostly for the espescially interested since it's a very raw live recordings. But if you want some tidbits of what the new material of ROTTEN UK is like, you should definetly check this one out.

Released on Voices From Inside 2015. Print on tape. Paper case (


3 song reissue tape from NYC female-fronted punk band sounding like overfuzzed uk82/Japanese pogo-punk!!! Members of Pox, La Misma, Nomad, L.O.T.I.O.N. and others (

Listen here


Snake Oil Kassettforlag 2017
Includes one extra song, Symptom of the Universe (Black Sabbath).
(...) Produced in a way that gives it the sonic power of a megaton detonation, it’s a compact, varied, and consistently addictive blast of fire and ice that will keep your head in a hammer lock from start to finish. (...) At seven songs and 30 minutes, the album doesn’t overstay its welcome, but instead leaves the listener wanting more. The first time through it is like unwrapping one thorny, charred gift after another, each song a nasty surprise, and each track so well-written and so capably performed that it sticks in the head like a spike. (...) In a nutshell, Anti-Cosmic Art is a savage adrenaline surge from beginning to end that expertly interlocks many of the touchstones of Norwegian black metal from the earliest days forward. All killer, no filler. (

Listen here


1989 original. Sealed with sticker on cover. 


Also available on black and ltd. edt. purple vinyl

 Hardcore Rock fra Jæren, elle Jærcore om du vil!!

Veislakt er et energisk og hardtslående Jærcore-band som spiller en hybrid av punk og hardrock på jærsk, med en forkjærlighet for dobbelpedal.

Bandet har toppet NRK P3s «Urørt»-liste, samt ligget blant de tre beste over flere uker. Asbjørn Slettemark uttalte: "Får meg til å ønska at jeg var 15 igjen, og skulle ut å gjøre noe ulovligt foreldrene mine ikke visste om." 

"Kompromissløse Veislakt turer på, de ser ikke ut til å ønske noe annet enn å kjøre på med hardtslående punkmetal - spiller man dette høyt og mye, er følelsen av å være et roadkill sterk."
- 7/10 – Yngve Moum Jakobsen fra

Veislakt tar opp arven ifra de 4 store i norsk rock, og leverer en imponerende debutplate som rocker kolossalt." 
- 5/6 - Norway Rock Magazine

 «Tyngden til Purified, holdningen til Ingenting. Og dialekten til de siste.» 
- 5/6
-Stavanger Aftenblad 

 «Det meste av Veislakt-musikk gir relasjoner til filmer med raske biler og høyt tempo. Fullengderen er fullspekket med rett frem hard core rock» 
- 5/6 – 

Det har allerede blitt sluppet 2 singler fra den kommende platen. 
«Nav» ble sluppet 3. juni og ble «ukas single» i Stavanger Aftenblad, med terningkast 5.

«Hjertebarn» ble sluppet 26. august og har allerede fått radiospilling på P3.  (!/Band/veislakt)
Listen here:


Formed all the way back in ‘98, Whip has been known in the underground for a long line of feroucious gigs. They released their long awaited debut EP "Unholy" in 2013. The debut album was released on LP in December of the same year, and was met with great reviews. By popular demand, the album is now also available on CD and MC. After a long time of being a pure live band, time has now come for releasing the material they have recorded throughout the years. The “Godfucking and Wardreams” and “Primitive Slaughter” demos are now available digitally. Whip is now releasing a new EP and their second album “Contra Mundum”, with many more still to come. Whip’s style is hard, furious, full of influences from black metal, thrash metal, grindcore, crust-punk and death metal. Akin to bands such as Nifelheim, Terrorizer and Impaled Nazarene. Prepare for a hellacious show of rancid relentless death thrash!